When In Doubt, Ask the Experts – Your Customers

Word cloud illustrating the value of Broadvine to Property Management companies. 2017 has been a busy year for the Broadvine team. In addition to the accomplishments Shawn listed, our management team conducted onsite visits with customers and partners to better understand their needs and the problems they are trying to solve.

We also contracted with SWAY UX to conduct market analysis of both our current and potential partners in the hospitality and property management industries. Based on responses to the following questions, Sway UX confirmed that property management organizations find great value in Broadvine’s forecasting, planning, and budgeting tools.


“I use Broadvine to…”

Word cloud illustrating how Property Management companies use Broadvine tools


“Broadvine helps me make informed and timely decisions about….”

Word cloud illustrating how Broadvine helps Property Management companies make informed decisions


For the most part, respondents and industry insiders think Broadvine and its suite of products is on the right track; however, they would like more dashboard views, simpler on-boarding, and a more intuitive interface. We agree and the groundwork for these improvements is underway.

To guide this effort (and keep us on track), Broadvine has assembled a business advisory board.  We will also be conducting periodic customer summits. When we combine our commitment to improve the user experience with industry expertise and insight, we are confident Broadvine will continue to develop technology that fuels the ultimate guest experience.


It’s still early days, but we recommend you watch this space.

Everything is about to change.


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