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What does success look like for you?

Lexton Raleigh

Lex Raleigh
VP Customer Success


Over the previous months you have seen the release of several product enhancements here at Broadvine, from a new support portal and knowledge base to increased precision in plan drivers to a new Executive Dashboard for financial performance. Later this quarter we will announce an even broader and more detailed vision for our product’s future.



For a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company such as Broadvine, our product feature set and our development roadmap are critical for our long-term success. As a Broadvine customer, the features and functions of the software are not the primary value. Your value is built on how the software enables your business.


Our Daily module includes an option for properties to settle their day; the value comes from reduced settlement time, process control and the ability to audit results. How many hours of effort per week does this process save?


Our Reporting module includes features to create, analyze and share property and portfolio performance data; the value comes from reduced time to aggregate information and reduced risk of manual error. How many Broadvine report subscriptions do you receive in your inbox everyday that would have previously taken hours to produce manually?


Our Forecasting module includes features to budget, forecast, and conduct what-if analyses with the help of 80+ drivers and updates from actual performance; the value comes from agile rapid planning, conducted at a more detailed level with increased accuracy. How many late-nights did you forego by quickly adjusting your budgets to a last-minute change in an ownership directive at the portfolio level?


Our Expense module allows properties to electronically submit invoices for payment; the value is faster payments, a traceable process and eliminating postage expenses from mailing invoices to your corporate office. How many hundreds of dollars do you save every month by routing a PDF via an audited approval process instead of sending paper copies via FedEx?


While Broadvine’s feature set is robust and continually evolving, the real question is, “What does success look like for you?” What are your business challenges? How do you know if you are achieving them?


To help measure your Broadvine return-on-investment, we are working with our customers to understand their unique business goals. With process templates, system usage reports, user surveys, and support metrics, we can quantify the return-on-investment our customers receive from their Broadvine partnership.


Contact your account manager to discuss what success looks like for you and how we can help you measure it, manage it, and achieve it!

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