Real-Time Data

Broadvine’s Reporting module aggregates and normalizes data collected from disparate systems – providing a centralized view of performance at the property or portfolio level. Standard and custom reports include spreadsheets, financial statements, data visualizations, drill-down reports and dashboards.

Users can create customized Excel workbooks, grids and dashboards for their portfolio aimed at real-time analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs). Specialized end-of-month General Manager Critique Reporting provides hotel metrics and statistics coupled with free-form text fields for General Managers to provide insights about performance variances. Reports are available for access and distribution through the web, email subscription services and mobile applications.

The Reporting module imports and maps PMS data to GL codes, providing the information needed to accurately report and analyze key metrics at the hotel and across the portfolio. The Reporting module automatically updates PMS or daily audited data as the files are received. Properties can also add Settlement capability for editing daily revenue and balancing ledgers.


• Data normalization to compare multiple properties with ease
• Standardization of calculations and report formats across all properties
• Drag and drop functionality for customizable analysis
• View multiple data types in one location
• Determine historic and forecasted performance variances, including end of month GM reporting

Key Features

• Access to a suite of standard reports and dashboards
• Standardization of financial data to one Chart of Accounts
• Import data from multiple platforms and 3rd party systems
• Permission based user access to property and data types
• Optional Settlement process