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Release Notes: Broadvine Executive Dashboard

Broadvine is excited to announce a new Executive Dashboard that provides financial performance information in a consolidated, easy-to-view format.


This new Executive Dashboard is an evolution based on the requested feedback we received from our customers. The new dashboard separates daily PMS metrics from closed-period accounting system metrics to provide an intuitive and consistent view. Top-level payroll expense information and trailing six month flow/flex have also been added.


Broadvine Executive Dashboard
  New Executive Dashboard


PMS Metrics

Daily data from the PMS is used to show Occupancy, Average Daily Rate, and Revenue per Available Room. Performance metrics can be viewed for the previous day, trailing 28 days, month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date. Metrics are displayed as actuals as well as variance to budget, forecast, and prior year.


Accounting System Metrics

Using data from the accounting system, the dashboard displays Gross Operating Profit, Net Income, and the associated margin ratios and values per available room. Because labor costs are the most significant variable expense, a top-level view of payroll expense is also provided. The labor cost metrics include rooms payroll and total payroll, along with their respective variance to budget and prior year.



At the property level, reacting to circumstances in real-time is critical to success — and flow/flex is a way to measure it. The Executive Dashboard includes the trailing six months of flow/flex calculations, including both the detailed numbers and a chart to easily identify values or trends that warrant further attention.


The new Executive Dashboard was founded upon customer demand and created based on internal analysis and customer feedback. The dashboard was tested against our validation data set as well as by customers in the beta test program. Due to customer-specific product implementations, we encourage all customers to review the dashboard and contact support@broadvine.com or your account manager to review any queries you may have.


The new Executive Dashboard is available in Reporting. To view it, go to Broadvine Standards > Dashboards. Once the new dashboard has “settled” into the live environment, it will replace the Launch page where it will be more easily accessible and visible to users. We anticipate this change to occur in early February.

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