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Broadvine Performance Optimization

Broadvine delivers robust, cloud-based business intelligence analytics to help hoteliers measure portfolio performance to maximize revenue and operating efficiency. Our Reporting, Planning, and Labor modules provide Owners and Management Companies with a comprehensive view of a hotel’s revenues and operations. By integrating data across all properties, Broadvine provides a real-time, portfolio level view for management companies to make comparisons over time and across properties, while highlighting positive trends and opportunities for improvement.

Cloud-Based Suite of Tools

Broadvine tools are offered as Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”), which means there is no software installed at your hotel or property management site, eliminating the need for significant IT resources to install or maintain the application. Our application collects data from hotel Property Management Systems (PMS), General Ledger systems (GL), Time and Attendance, Guest Satisfaction Scores (GSS), and other systems. Data is normalized and presented via dashboards and reports that are easily accessed from any web browser.