Product Implementation FAQ

Do I have to install software on my computer?

No. Broadvine tools are accessed through a web browser using secured credentials.

What are my first steps to get started?

Gather your accounting system’s master chart of accounts, provide a detailed list of properties and property management systems, and define users and their permission levels.

How long does it take?

It depends on the modules you choose to implement, the number of different PMS systems in your portfolio and the dedication of your personnel. Implementation can take up to 12 weeks or you can choose to gradually roll out modules over time. Our Customer Success team will partner with you to make recommendations based on your business priorities and budgeting process.

Do I have to supply historical data?

Yes. We suggest you provide prior year and year-to-date general ledger data. This will be used for validation and be available throughout the application. You can also provide us with current year budgets so we can present comparisons within the Reporting and Forecasting modules.

What is involved with the data mapping process?

The mapping process is a two-way engagement since every property has a unique way of handling and coding certain business – from the one code that’s used every month, to the details for how revenue is categorized. For this reason, we request a single contact in your corporate office who will work with property contacts to ensure this information is collected and validated in a timely fashion.