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Newsletter: Broadvine Ledger Issue #9

This newsletter will keep you informed about Broadvine’s current investments in our partnership, provide tips on how to get the most value from Broadvine’s tools, and notify you of upcoming milestones and events.


Broadvine Support Metrics

All the Help You Need:
Broadvine Support Portal

Broadvine began 2018 with a renewed focus on customer support. As a result, we have greatly reduced response and resolution times. We want to continue improving customer support and with your help we think we can do even better.

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Natalie, Sr. Account Manager

Meet Natalie:
Broadvine Account Manager

We would like to introduce you to some of the people working at Broadvine, including team members who through their experience bring expertise to the team. Today, we introduce you to Natalie, a Senior Account Manager at Broadvine.

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 In Case You Missed It

First published in the Hotel Business newsletter. Broadvine CEO, Shawn Barber, discusses the benefits of centralized data storage for property management companies.


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