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Broadvine University Launches

Broadvine University Learning Management

Raleigh, NC, May 30, 2018 — Broadvine, a leader in Business Intelligence and Analytics software for the hospitality industry, announced the launch of Broadvine University today.

Broadvine University (BVU) is an online, persona-based learning management system designed to introduce Broadvine to both property and corporate level users. “At the property level, BVU will often be a user’s first interaction with Broadvine. BVU curricula explains how each module works, educates team members on the Broadvine tools they will soon be using and enables them to leverage the full value of our solution,” said Lex Raleigh, VP of Customer Success at Broadvine. “Corporate-level curricula focuses on training for implementation team members and corporate users who will be managing Broadvine modules.”

Following the setup and implementation of the Broadvine application, General Managers and their teams are invited to enroll in Broadvine University. Users complete customized, multi-media training coursework at their own pace. Progress and course completion are tracked for each user allowing for reminders when training is incomplete and recognition upon course completion. As enrollment grows, Broadvine plans to offer instructor lead training on topics such as effective budgeting and forecasting.

“Broadvine University is a powerful education tool companies can use to inform and train their teams on the use of our tools and modules,” said Shawn Barber, Broadvine CEO. “Designed as a repository of multi-media training resources, BVU allows us to customize course materials based on the modules purchased and each user’s role. Our commitment to investing in new training materials will further empower our customers to quickly identify and act on performance optimization opportunities across their portfolio.”

For more information, see Introducing Broadvine University.


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