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Broadvine and Hotel Effectiveness Partner to Integrate Labor Management Data into Financial Performance Management Software

Raleigh, NC,  June 8, 2018 — Broadvine, a leader in financial performance management software for the hospitality industry, announced today the completion of a full two way integration with Hotel Effectiveness. This partnership will allow customers to manage and predict labor costs more accurately, which are the most significant operating expense for hoteliers and essential for effective hotel management and improved profitability.


“We are pleased to partner with Hotel Effectiveness, the premier labor management platform for hoteliers,” said Shawn Barber, CEO of Broadvine. “This integration allows for the seamless and invisible exchange of data and provides another tool for hotel owners, operators, and managers to forecast and predict their labor needs more accurately.”


Broadvine’s application provides robust reporting and financial performance management tools for budgeting and forecasting, including comparisons of labor costs to budget and forecasts. Hotel Effectiveness delivers real-time labor management, scheduling, and time-and-attendance solutions, using occupancy forecasts and other data to optimize labor schedules.


“We are happy to integrate our labor management platform with Broadvine’s financial performance software,” said Mike Martin, CEO of Hotel Effectiveness. “Our customers will now be able to have the business data they already have in Broadvine drive their scheduling in Hotel Effectiveness.  Likewise, all of the detailed labor data in Hotel Effectiveness will now flow into the Broadvine dashboards.  When data flows automatically between systems, we make it easier for customers to make real-time decisions.”


Through this enhanced integration, hotel management companies using both applications will have detailed visibility into labor costs compared to budget and forecasts. Corporate executives, General Managers and department managers on property will have confidence that real-time data is being used to calculate labor schedules and any cost variances to budget or forecast is accurate.


About Broadvine

Broadvine delivers financial performance management software to help hotel management companies and ownership groups increase profitability and operational efficiencies across their portfolio.  Broadvine’s software-as-a-service application consists of Reporting, Forecasting, Labor, and Expenses Management modules – providing a robust and flexible platform.  Broadvine is utilized by 25 management companies and almost 1000 properties worldwide.  For more information, visit www.broadvine.com.


About Hotel Effectiveness

Hotel Effectiveness is the leading labor management system designed exclusively for hotels and hotel management companies. Hotel Effectiveness helps over 1,700 hotels across more than 60 different hotel brands achieve fast results and return on investment by reducing labor costs.  From select service to large convention hotels and resorts, the solution can be tailored for all types of properties. For more information on Hotel Effectiveness, visit www.HotelEffectiveness.com.



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