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Meet Tara A – Broadvine’s New Product Support Specialist

Tara A Broadvine's New Product Support Specialist

It takes a special kind of person to work on the support desk. You must be calm under pressure, keep a good sense of humor, and treat every support request as if it’s your only priority. On top of that, you must be able to clearly communicate over the phone and email. It’s no small task, but we think we found the perfect candidate in Tara A.



Welcome to your sixth week at Broadvine. What have you learned so far?

I have learned first-hand what a game-changer Broadvine is for Hotel Management companies. I had limited experience in the hospitality business coming in, so it has been interesting to see what exactly Broadvine does for our customers. For Hotel Management companies to be able to view data from multiple properties in a centralized location saves them time and provides multiple ways to optimize profitability.  It’s amazing to see how dramatically and immediately Broadvine increases our customers ease of doing business.


Prior to joining Broadvine you held positions as a Customer Support Advocate, High Touch Operations Manager, and Project Manager. What attracted you to Broadvine?

I wanted to find a company that I could grow with and Customer Support is where I thrive, so the Product Support Specialist role was a natural fit. I was intrigued and excited about this role at Broadvine primarily because of the team. I felt connected with each person I interviewed with, and my research confirmed Broadvine puts a great deal of focus on their people as well as their customers.  Customer focus is always important, and Broadvine understands happy employees provide customers the support they require


Working as a Product Support Specialist requires skills in understanding not just the software, but also the customer. Are there any skills you learned in past positions that you have found helpful as Broadvine’s Product Support Specialist?

Absolutely! Learning to work as an advocate for the customer while also understanding how to prioritize their needs internally is one of my most valuable strengths, and it comes naturally for me. Working in a technical environment helped me see what many customers go through when reaching out to product support. Having limited technical experience when I began this journey at Cisco many years ago, I immediately understood the importance of communicating with non-technical customers and relaying the appropriate level of  information they required.  Learning to “translate” this information  is also how I learned the technical aspects of the products being supported.


Broadvine’s goal is to provide five-star support for every request that comes across your desk. What do you do to give that little bit extra required to provide an exceptional level of customer support?

I treat every customer’s issue with the same urgency they do. It does not take long for customers to learn I am their advocate and I will do everything possible to get their issues resolved as soon as possible. I build relationships with customers so they trust me to get issues resolved without putting more pressure than necessary on my team or theirs. I know how to prioritize, and communication is my top priority. Updates are essential, even when there is no new information to give. Letting them know we are “on it” goes a long way.


Customer support requires communication, investigative, and sometimes translation skills (what do they really mean when they say….). What other skill do you think is necessary?

Empathy – feeling what the customer feels and relaying that to them and to the internal team.  Not every issue is a fire, but if customers know you truly understand their issue and will always do your best to assist, it helps them go on with their day and leave the focus of that issue on me. This helps them be more productive as well. Keeping the customer updated proactively and earning their trust increases productivity for all involved.


Everyone gets a fun question, here’s yours. When they make a film about your life, who will play you and why?

Tina Fey, because she is funny and I am HILARIOUS.;)  Laughter is my happily ever after…also my best defense. Tina Fey is also a writer, producer and I like that she likes to “do it all” like I do. I like writing as well. I am a “lyric girl” and lover of pages.  I know where my strengths are; however, I never limit myself. I tend to play it safe by learning all I can before I jump in and “do” it all.


So far, what’s your favorite thing about working with this team?

The family-like atmosphere and the constant collaboration. I know I can reach out when I need help, because every person on this team wants me to succeed. If patience is truly a virtue, this team is as virtuous as they come. 😉


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