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Introducing Broadvine University

Broadvine University LogoToday marks the launch of Broadvine University (BVU), an online, persona-based learning management system designed to introduce Broadvine to both property and corporate-level users. BVU curricula explains how business intelligence works, how it benefits users, and introduces team members to the Broadvine tools they will soon be using. Corporate-level curricula focuses on training for implementation team members and corporate users who will be managing Broadvine modules.


How is BVU Different from the Broadvine Knowledge Base?

The Broadvine Knowledge Base is a library of task-based, work instructions written for users who have been trained in using our software. Work instructions are great for reminding a user how to do something they do infrequently such as initializing a budget or changing the delivery time for a report subscription. Broadvine University, on the other hand, focuses on initial user training.


Like other universities, enrollees at BVU start with beginner-level classes and work their way up to graduate level courses. Initial course work includes an introduction to Broadvine, business intelligence, how it works and how it benefits both properties and their management company. New users are also provided brief overviews of the software modules being implemented by their management company. As Broadvine modules are activated, users will be assigned additional training courses based on their job responsibilities.


Training for management company teams will focus on implementing and managing Broadvine modules. As with the property level courses, corporate training will introduce Broadvine, explain implementation team responsibilities, define milestones, and provide detailed information about the steps and information required to set-up, activate, release and manage Broadvine modules and their respective tools.



Broadvine University User Dashboard


Persona-based Training

We know everyone is busy and reading a software user manual is time-consuming and cumbersome. Corporate users on the implementation team require different training than a general manager who is updating forecasts or a night auditor who is entering settlement data. With this in mind, we designed Broadvine University so that users get the specific training they need, when they need it.


BVU courses are customized and assigned based on the Broadvine modules being implemented and the user’s role in the company. Broadvine creates and manages the training materials while monitoring training progress. In addition to multi-media online training courses, BVU will include scheduled live training sessions conducted by Broadvine experts upon request.


How Do Users Sign Up for Broadvine University Courses?

BVU is not a private university; however, attendance is by invitation only.

New Partners

As implementation of Broadvine progresses, a list of users that you provide will be uploaded into Broadvine and assigned system permissions. When the time is right to begin user training, as determined by you and your Broadvine implementation manager, users will be enrolled in Broadvine University and notified by email.

Existing Partners

When new employees are hired, or properties are added to your portfolio, we will enroll new users in the BVU introduction course as well as selected courses for the modules they will be using.



Tracking and Reporting

Following registration, users can access assigned, in-progress, and completed course work from their user dashboard. BVU will notify registered users of new training course assignments, remind users to complete training, and track completion rates. Registration, course enrollment, training status and completion rates can also be reported by user and course.



Broadvine University helps management companies train their employees in the implementation and use of Broadvine tools – a very important process to ensure product value is maximized. The goal of the curriculum is to speed the release and adoption of Broadvine tools to help management companies identify and act on operational efficiencies to optimize portfolio performance!

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