Introducing Broadvine Insights

Broadvine Insights combines historical trends with future looking data to produce richer, more detailed forecasts to help hoteliers better anticipate challenges and opportunities.


Pace Report

  • View pace by transient and group segments.
  • Last year, budget, forecast and on-the-books data in one report.
  • Graphical report provides revenue and occupancy data at a glance.


Insights analyzes sales and catering data, on-the-books data by market segment, and the pick-up from previous time periods to help hoteliers better predict future occupancy and RevPAR. With a glance at Broadvine’s Pace report, General Managers and corporate executives can instantly identify areas for improvement in time to make the adjustments needed to impact results.


Broadvine Pace Report


Rather than searching for data in multiple Excel spreadsheets, Broadvine’s graphical Pace report displays expected revenue and occupancy and how it compares to budget and forecast. Enriched data and the analysis of sales and catering systems provide greater predictive capabilities to drive powerful insights – months before results are actualized.


Forecast Accuracy

  • View accuracy of revenue and expense forecasts by property.
  • Easily automate and visualize results.
  • Measure, refine, and improve forecasting processes.
  • Create a culture of accountability with forecast measurement.


With insightful data driving financial forecasts, it is more important than ever to owners and investors that forecasts be accurate. Yet, with the complexity associated with many hotels’ forecast processes, calculating accuracy is not simple and without measurement, there can be no refinement or improvement.


Broadvine Forecast Accuracy


Broadvine Insights delivers out-of-the-box reports to consistently monitor and evaluate forecast accuracy of each property in your portfolio. By understanding the variances affecting forecasts, General Managers can provide dependably accurate forecasts that help corporate executives effectively plan for the future.


Forecasting: OTB and Pickup Data

Broadvine Insights enhances the forecasting process by displaying On-The-Books (OTB) and Pickup data from the same time the previous year along with what is currently on-the-books and needed to obtain the desired result.  By presenting this information on the forecasting screen, revenue managers and general managers can produce more accurate forecasts.

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