2018 Hospitality Technology Challenges and Trends

View from the TopEach December, Hotel Management magazine includes a feature in which hospitality leaders and CEOs are given “Five Questions.” The answers give some insight in their thoughts and predictions for the coming year. Last year Broadvine CEO, Shawn Barber was invited to contribute to the article. His questions focused on the challenges of integrating systems and the growing demand for real-time data.



What was the largest technology challenge you were forced to overcome in 2017?

Scalability. The hospitality industry is expanding, and property owners are setting higher expectations for improved customer experience and financial performance. The ability to collect, integrate, and present data in real-time is the technological challenge of this decade; those who can quickly react at a property, regional, and portfolio level will be the ones to succeed.


What are your technology priorities in the near future?

Presenting data in real-time from transactional systems enables business optimization decisions that tend to be reactive in nature.  Broadvine is currently investing in presenting market trending data, delivering valuable performance optimization insights which will enable proactive decisions.  I believe that companies who can efficiently assemble and present data from sources that further inform business optimization, will not only retain their existing customers but lead the charge in attracting new ones.


What are some of the biggest mistakes hotels make when integrating with technology?

Many hotels fail to understand that real success comes from integrating multiple technologies into a seamless solution. No single solution will meet all your needs, so a key factor in your success is ensuring your systems integrate to prevent the creation of data silos.  In addition, hotels need to make investments in training staff on new technology implementation.  End-user education and buy-in are critical for maximizing the ROI of new technology solutions.


What is one technology at home in the residential market that should be brought to hotels?

Bluetooth technologies from a guest’s phone should be used to hyper-personalize their hotel experience. When a guest enters a hotel room, the lighting, temperature, and entertainment options should be automatically customized to their preferences – just as they are at home. Powered by Big Data, this personalization will increase occupancy and ADR – and management companies with integrated data and portfolio-level visibility will be able to take the most advantage.


In 8 words or fewer, give us your overall hospitality industry outlook in the next few years?

Real-time data demand will drive new technology adoption!



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