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All the Help You Need: Broadvine Support Portal

Broadvine began 2018 with a renewed focus on customer support. As a result, we have greatly reduced response and resolution times earning an impressive customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. We want to continue improving customer support and with your help we think we can do even better.


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Location of Support LinkWhen you need help you can call or send an email to support@broadvine.com; however, a better option for reporting a problem or submitting a request is through the Broadvine Support Portal.  The portal is accessed from the Broadvine toolbar by clicking on the Library icon displayed beneath your user name and clicking Support.


Email Is Easy. Why Should I Use the Portal?

Advantages of using the support portal instead of email:

  • Forms standardize the reporting process.
  • Requests can be properly routed, assigned and prioritized for resolution based on the selected category and module.
  • The support portal is linked to Broadvine’s library of work instructions, troubleshooting guides and frequently asked questions.
  • Communications concerning your request are tracked and stored within the portal.
  • Track the status of your request using the portal’s support dashboard.


Create a Broadvine Support Account

If it’s your first time accessing the support portal, you will be asked to create a support account by entering your email address and creating a password. We recommend you keep it simple by using the same credentials you use when logging into Broadvine.


The email address will be used by our support team to communicate updates about your support requests. When logged into the support portal, you can create new support requests, communicate directly with the support team, as well as view all past and present requests.



Submit a Support Request

The portal landing page allows you to search the Broadvine knowledge base for help or you can click on a support category and submit a request for assistance.



As you complete the fields on the support request form, help articles related to your request are displayed. Click on a title to view the article. If you do not find a solution in the listed articles, complete the form and click Create to submit your request.


Helpful Article Suggestions


The Broadvine support portal facilitates direct and timely communication allowing you to track your requests to completion. Centralized management of support requests allows Broadvine to not only track issues and identify trends, but also informs the development of effective training and self-help documentation.


Our goal is to provide 5-star support to every customer regardless of the means in which they choose to report an issue or request assistance. Broadvine will continue accepting support requests by phone and email, but we encourage users to visit the support portal and create a support account.


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