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Accurate Forecasting and Budgeting

Broadvine’s Forecasting & Budgeting module allows properties to import and store historical budgets and actuals for more accurate planning. This module standardizes the budgeting and forecasting process across your management portfolio allowing for week over week forecasting. The module can be preloaded with historical budgets or users can create plans from scratch and apply drivers to improve forecasting. The Forecasting module also includes Sales and Marketing capability to assist your Sales team in preparing their annual budgets.


• Data for all properties stored in one central location
• Review & edit budget and forecast data with ease
• Create driver-based budgets and forecasts
• Compare budgets or forecasts

Key Features

• Import historical budgets and actuals
• Create and edit budgets and forecasts with user-based roles and permissions
• Import OTB data
• Use drivers for accurate calculations and adjustments
• Compare to any other plan or property in your portfolio

Central Location

All properties data stored in one central location

Review & Edit

Review & edit budget and forecast data with ease


Create driver based budgets and forecasts


Compare any budget or forecast

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