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Automated Expense Management

Broadvine’s Expense module is a robust, automated accounts payable workflow application that assists hotels and management companies in approving, posting, and paying invoices. With integrations to common General Ledger systems, users can scan invoice images, code invoices and track invoice status. By automating the invoice workflow process – including submission and approvals of invoices, there is tighter collaboration and efficiencies between the properties and the corporate office.

The scanning, approval, and post/pay automation process ensures timely and appropriate payments while yielding considerable savings each month in mailing costs of invoices to corporate offices and late/rush fees that occur when things get missed. Within the Expense module, there are three standard reports: invoice report by status, workflow analysis report and declining checkbook balance report.


• Reduce postage costs
• Invoice images available electronically in central location
• Less corporate involvement in invoice workflow
• View all invoice statuses in real time
• Audit trail with each invoice

Key Features

• Scan multiple images (invoices) at once
• Create & code invoices
• Establish approval processes
• Track invoices through their life cycle
• Real time updates with accounting platform

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