Daily Software Module

Automated daily updates and tracking of property finances

The Hospitality Industry is a “Daily” Based Business

The Daily module provides visibility to preliminary sales figures, ledger balances, cash, and credit amounts. Properties can utilize the Daily software to balance each day mitigating the end-of-month crunch. Additionally, the data collected in this software module populates the daily level reports with accurate hotel revenue and cash over/short data.

Key Benefits

  • Clarity behind day-to-day property expenses
  • Standardized transaction codes between properties
  • Enables better understanding of finances and faster decision making
  • Saves time and money long-term via improved organization
  • More accurate revenue data
  • Reduction of costs and increase of revenue through automation
  • Advantageous to owners with multiple properties

How does it work

Broadvine’s Daily module helps automate the accounting process for hospitality management groups. Daily imports and stores daily PMS data for auditing and reporting purposes. The software solution improves accuracy of daily PMS data through mapping and improves efficiencies at both corporate offices and properties. The module automatically updates with PMS or daily audited data as the files are received.

The Daily module allows editing of daily revenue data and balancing of ledgers through the settlement process. Journal entry data exports from the Daily module directly into the accounting platform.

Key Features

Import PMS & audited data
Import ledger data and balance ledgers
All property data stored in one central location
Journal entry creation for importing into accounting platform
Configure user roles to manage access and workflow
Capture actual cash & credit card deposits

System Integrations

The Daily module integrates with most property management systems allowing the automated collection of daily revenue and settlement data.

  • OnQ
  • Opera
  • Choice
  • RoomKey
  • Excel Files (In Basic Formatting)
  • Full Service Marriott
  • View All
  • RDP
  • RoomKey
  • RoomMaster
  • Agilisys
  • MSI Cloud
  • Galaxy Lightspeed
  • Visual Matrix
  • NiteVision
  • SynXis

Our software will free up lost time with automation, and focus on ensuring that guests are satisfied.

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