Critique Software Module

Understand monthly variance between actual expenses, budgets and forecasts

Explain monthly operational performance

The Critique module allows you to easily compare actual expenses to your plan at the general ledger account level. Active tracking and a real-world understanding of your expenses allows property management companies and owners to gain insights into hotel operations and improve accountability for financial performance.

Use Critique software solution to see, explain, and communicate your gains and losses through a direct and reliable source — your general manager.

Key Benefits

  • Easy tracking of variances to plan at the account level
  • Accountability in expense management
  • Communication between property-level staff and ownership
  • Standardized format across all properties
  • Customised to your specific needs

How does it work

The Critique Software Module is a means for your property to explain its monthly operational performance. It imports and stores actual and budget data at a line item level as well as automatically updates with actuals, budget, STR and GSS data when files are received.

The module includes the ability to specify a variance threshold per property. As such, an account will require comment if the variance to budget/forecast exceeds the specified threshold. Text input areas are incorporated so that employees can comment on any notable discrepancies.

Critiques are saved within Broadvine or exported as PDF for external storage or further distribution.

Key Features

Hotel managers can explain monthly variance between actual expenses and budget/forecast. Active communication is enabled via text input areas allowing staff to leave comments throughout a report.

Automatically loads: budgets, forecasts, actuals, STR, and GSS data
Actual-to-plan variance threshold
Comment on actual to budget variance at the account level
Reports stored online for easy access and reference

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