Broadvine’s Support Portal: Help Is On The Way!

The new guy

I’m Glenn, Broadvine’s Senior Content Specialist. My role at Broadvine includes writing newsletters, blogs, marketing materials, and social media posts; however, the primary reason I am here is to build a customer-facing library of self-help articles, FAQs, and training guides.


Since joining the company in April, I have been busy learning about the business and our suite of tools.  I’ve worked with our account managers, listened in on partner calls, attended engineering meetings and asked a million questions in an effort to identify areas where self-help is most needed.  I’ve even gotten a sneak peek of the next step in Broadvine’s evolution (y’all are going to love it).


Other teams are busy working to improve usability and build new self-service tools, but I am happy to announce that your customer support experience is about to take a great leap forward. will soon transform from a simple email address to a fully integrated help portal.


Knowledge Base: Under Construction


In the help portal you will be able to search a library of self-help articles, FAQs and guides. If you need more help, you can submit a request to our support team from within the portal. The portal will be fully integrated into our development and engineering tools, allowing everyone working to resolve your issue to communicate, manage, and track it to completion in a single system.


The Broadvine help portal will launch in July with a basic library of help and how-to articles for each module.  Over time, the library will grow as we release new functionality, develop training programs, and address trending support requests.


It’s an exciting time to be at Broadvine.

Stay tuned.


Are there topics you think would be incredibly helpful to include in our help library? Email us:

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