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Why Centralized Data Storage Is the Only Solution

    Are you responsible for managing a portfolio of properties? If so, what does an “occupied room” mean to you? Are comp rooms included? Rewards rooms? What does “available room” mean? Are all the definitions the same for each property? Is everyone on the same page when it comes to these definitions?   Without…

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Meet Nishant: Broadvine’s New Master of Reporting

Broadvine’s partners depend on our ability to accurately collect, store, compile, analyze and report on their data. Our engineers are great at creating integrations to collect data and the databases in which to store it, and we rely on business intelligence experts and sophisticated tools from MicroStrategy to analyze and present all that data in…

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From Lex’s Desk: Building on Our Momentum

Autumn is traditionally a time of harvest; when we gather and store all that we can in preparation for winter’s lean times. While we respect traditions, that is not what we have planned here at Broadvine! Instead, we will be building on the momentum we generated this past summer and accelerating into the coming year….

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