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Mind, Body and (Holiday) Spirit Challenge

Each quarter, Broadvine’s CEO challenges team members with a suggested list of activities intended to benefit our mind, body and spirit.  The challenges are designed to reinforce our corporate values by encouraging everyone to be a positive influence and to make a difference.   Broadvine Corporate Values Be a Positive Influence on… Yourself.  Have passion…

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Four Steps to Painlessly Implement New Technology

The hotel industry continues to be slow in adopting new technology. It’s not surprising since it’s human nature to resist change. However, the real problem isn’t that the industry needs to adopt new technology; rather, it needs to change their thinking and processes for implementing it.   Many companies implementing new technology think they need…

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Increased Profitability Depends on Timely Data

You can’t sell yesterday’s room today. Waiting for end-of-month reports to make decisions only ensures money will be left on the table. To make matters worse, many operators don’t close their books until the end of the following month, which means hoteliers are making decisions using months-old data.   In a world obsessed with access…

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