Budgeting and Forecasting in the Hospitality Industry

Most hoteliers understand the importance of creating a budget and sticking to it, but it is fair to say that achieving this goal is easier said than done. As a leading expert in budgeting and forecasting in the hospitality industry, Broadvine has some key insights to share on the subject. Property management companies can learn…

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Introducing Broadvine Insights

Broadvine Insights combines historical trends with future looking data to produce richer, more detailed forecasts to help hoteliers better anticipate challenges and opportunities.   Pace Report View pace by transient and group segments. Last year, budget, forecast and on-the-books data in one report. Graphical report provides revenue and occupancy data at a glance.   Insights…

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2018 Hospitality Technology Challenges and Trends

Each December, Hotel Management magazine includes a feature in which hospitality leaders and CEOs are given “Five Questions.” The answers give some insight in their thoughts and predictions for the coming year. Last year Broadvine CEO, Shawn Barber was invited to contribute to the article. His questions focused on the challenges of integrating systems and…

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